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25 years experience in oriental carpets

Mollaian L.t.d. is a company with 25 years experience in oriental carpets sector. The main purpose of the company is to promote trade as well as the spread of carpet culture through the accurate selection of carpets in order to satisfy today's needs. In addition, it offers its customers an overall vision of the world's production and a unique collection of antique carpets evaluated according to their features, thus making Mollaian L.t.d. a well known company among its trade partners. Customers can avail themselves of a cost-effective and stock-on-hand distribution centre.

Exclusive offer of a variety of carpets

Mollaian L.t.d. imports all carpets directly from the different countries of origin with no intermediaries. Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, India, Nepal, Russia, Caucasian Republics and Unated States are some of the countries we regularly deal with. We keep, therefore, continuosly up to date with new market proposals. This has allowed us, over the past few years, to be considered one of the first importing companies in Italy and Europe of some particular types of carpets and to sign exclusive contracts for certain products. For any need a store management service is available where it is possible to see by e-mayl all required items and orders can be speedily satisfied.